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We're pushing the limits of what a clothing company can do by delivering quality, sustainability, and comfort all while donating 100% of profits to endangered animals. Founded in 2021 by Cameron Cohen, we aim to bring awareness to the delicate relationship between humans, animals, and the planet — one beautifully designed shirt at a time. Understanding the inherent connectivity of human life, wildlife, and our natural surroundings is crucial to repairing environmental damage and saving animal species from further extinction.

So, what exactly can a shirt do to help save the world? By giving 100% of the profits to the endangered animal on your shirt, we help repair damage humans have done while simultaneously raising awareness for the animal. We're working with a variety of wildlife-focused, non profit organizations that are dedicated to supporting specific endangered species around the world. These groups help protect habitats from environmental dangers, conduct research, educate the public, and so much more.

We also take great pride in our sustainable manufacturing practices, working with SoftShirts to lessen our environmental impact. We want you to look good and feel good in all of our clothing. Read more about our super-soft shirts and manufacturing processes in our Eco-Friendly Practices section.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve partnered with talented artist and graphic designer Anthony Perez to create unique and exclusive wildlife designs for our clothing lineup. Art has always been a powerful way to advocate for change and spread awareness, and Perez has worked for an impressive array of apparel industry leaders and we're excited to showcase his talents.


Learn more about Anthony Perez at:


Our Story


Purpose Apparel has officially partnered with Pandas International, and is working towards partnerships with two other organizations: the Wolf Conservation Center, and Global White Lion Protection Trust. Donations to these charities correspond to the specific animal referenced in the design (money collected from sales of the panda design goes to Pandas International, and so on). Our comprehensive lines of endangered animal clothing allows us to make an impact on a broad variety of critically endangered species. Again, 100% of profits from products sold go to these charitable organizations. This means that after deducting all normal business operating expenses, the money left over will be donated to nonprofit organizations that work to save endangered animal species. We encourage you to read and learn more about the wonderful wildlife charities Purpose Apparel donates to.

Pandas International 

Pandas International was founded in 1999 by Suzanne Braden and Diane Rees. The nonprofit organization is devoted to the Giant Panda. It is estimated that only around 2,000 Giant Pandas exist in the wild today, so ensuring the survival of this species is imperative. Pandas International is headquartered in the United States but works closely with researchers and preservationists in China. Continued efforts in disease prevention, reproductive research, and the reintroduction of captive pandas into the wild are among the main goals of Panda International and its partners. 

Wolf Conservation Center

Founded in 1999, the Wolf Conservation Center focuses on preserving two endangered wolf species in North America: the Mexican Grey Wolf and the Red Wolf. In conjunction with federal recovery and release programs, the Wolf Conservation Center builds awareness for wolves through science-based educational programs and other advocacy efforts, emphasizing the importance of conservations, environmental responsibility, and ecological connectivity and balance.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Global White Lion Protection Trust is a community-based organization that combines indigenous knowledge with cutting-edge science to help research and preserve endangered lion species in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. Trophy hunting had left the White Lion technically extinct to the wild in the 1990s, but the Global White Lion Protection Trust led a reintroduction program in an attempt to build back the population and restore ecological balance to the area. Commercialized hunting remains a danger today.


Your purchase will help these three amazing wildlife charities continue their work.


Eco-friendly practices


SoftShirts, as you may have guessed from the name, manufactures soft-to-the-touch clothing. Their ultra-comfy tees offer a natural fit with a sustainable path from the cotton field to your front door. So how do they do it?

The process starts with organic cotton that is purposefully grown with the least amount of water possible. Once harvested, the cotton is processed in an Oeko-Tex certified mill and knitted in a tubular fashion to reduce material waste. From there, the fabric is manufactured into T-shirts in a WRAP-certified facility, ensuring high levels of employee safety and working conditions are met.

Eco-Friendly Practices
Mission and Core Values

Mission & core values


Our mission is to foster a sustainable relationship between humans, animals, and our planet. Through our combination of unique art, sustainable clothing manufacturing, and strategic charitable giving, we strive to repair this crucial relationship before it’s too late.

Core Values

Purpose Apparel strives to uphold three core values: the preservation of life, compassion, and sustainability. These values inform our decisions and practices as a company so we stay committed and accountable.

Preservation of Life

We value all elements of life, recognizing that humans, animals, and the planet we call home are interconnected. We also recognize that humans bear the responsibility of managing our environmental impact, and we must do more to repair what has already been damaged. It is up to us to save endangered animal species from extinction.


We are compassionate in our work and lead not only with our minds but our hearts. We believe every person has the power to contribute positively to our environmental and animal protection efforts, no matter how small that contribution may seem.


We prioritize sustainability by utilizing the most eco-friendly manufacturing and printing methods available. We recognize that we must lead by example in every aspect of our work, and we are committed to maintaining high levels of sustainable practices throughout our company.

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